Factors of web hosting for multimedia site
« on: June 15, 2010, 11:32:31 AM »

There are some very important factors that we have to take in our mind while selecting a web hosting company for multimedia site. followings are some of factors which plays a crucial role for the same.

# CPU/ RAM Usage: This is extremely necessary for a multimedia web hosting service. A server will have only a particular processing and RAM power, and a lot more people get suspended for over-usage of CPU/ RAM.
# Bandwidth: Streaming videos and music require a lot of bandwidth, and an average multimedia site can easily be above 1 Mb file size.
# Technical Support: For the successful web hosting of a multimedia site, a fast and efficient technical support team is needed to resolve the frequent troubles that will come up.
# Space: Most multimedia sites have music and video archives that browsers can go through. So an estimate of the library space needs to be made in the initial stages, and there should be an extra 30% disk space that will allow for expansion.