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Advantages of pop3 email

Started by John23, June 22, 2010, 12:28:38 PM

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Here are some Advantages of pop3 email services,

# There are often no size limits on the email you send or receive.
# There is no advertising when you read your email unless you are using an Adware email reader like Eudora freeware.
# Opening attachments is a quick and painless process because they are already on your PC.
# There is not a maximum size on your mailbox, except as determined by the size of your hard drive.
# You may create new messages to send to others without being logged onto the Internet. They remains in often what is called hold folder and you can not only edit them before being posted, you can even allocate various priorities to each message along with even a schedule date and time when you would like it to get actually posted.
# All messages are stored on your hard drive on your own computer. You only connect to net to download and post your messages from your inbox.


The biggest advantage of POP3 is that it's a much, much simpler protocol. More implementations get it right and interoperate.

IMAP is certainly more rich, but many implementations (even some very well known ones) are just very buggy. The next time your mail client hangs and doesn't respond, this is one possible reason why.

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