Disadvantages of pop3 email
« on: June 24, 2010, 12:50:06 PM »

These are some disadvantages of pop3 email

 # If you have JavaScript enabled in your email reader, you might be target of rogue JavaScript embedded in an email.
 # All messages are stored on your hard drive eating up what is sometimes very valuable space.
 # Opening attachments is a quick and painless process, unless the attachment has a virus payload in it.
 # Since all attachments are stored (downloaded) on your PC there is a potential danger of virus attack if they are not properly scanned by virus scanners. Then vairus scans can only address 60% of attacks effectively leaving your PC to a great danger.
 # Email folders can become corrupted and sometimes lost forever. Recovering is often a painful exercise.
 # All messages are stored on your system, and privacy disappears when someone sits down at your machine. Even if your email reader is password protected, it is often possible for someone who knows what they are doing to read your email by using another application to open your mail folders.

If you know more then this, feel free to add.