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Can anyone give suggestions?

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I need to design a website for my business which is related with online video rental. I am in a great dilemma to choose a web designing company. Initial design are done by HioxIndia but i dont know much about the rates, can any designer compare those rate and tell yours. just check out their rates at and give me your suggestions. My website will have a lot of work to be done in GI part.

James Andy:
Well, you can feel free to contact with us because we have quality and professional developers and designers working since 2005.

I like to suggest you to use online option and search web design company through out the Google. Its provide many web design company and also provide its all the detail such as like web designing, which type of website they create, what is the price of creating a website etc. I hope this information will help you to choose good web design company that provide you affordable price for web site creation.

These are some good company name where you can go for web design. Skygate Media, AKQA, POKE, BIG SPACESHIP LLC, Blue Fountain Media,  Creative Soda Interactive,  KNOCK and  Project6 Design, Inc.   

If you don't have much experience and skills, it is better to address professionals. When looking for a good web development company, I recommend to take into account foreign vendors as they offer high quality at a reasonable price. Personally I used a service of one of the Ukrainian companies and was pleased with the result. The IT sphere in this country has been developed rapidly, so it suggests a great amount of developers with big experience, high education and perfect English-speaking and writing skills. In case you are interested, here is a good article that can help you to find out all necessary information on the topic - I hope, my experience will be helpful for you!


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