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What is a good laptop for a Java programing and .net?

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hi i would like to buy a laptob at cost of 40000 rs in india in that i can able to run fast java programming and oracle ? plz any one suggest me

It depends on what IDE you are going to run for your development. The minimum configuration would be a Pentium 4 with at least 2GB RAM. But i would recommend a Dual Core laptop.

Java may be a general purpose language.The most important thing: a good keyboard to type.I think Lenovo ThinkPads and some HP laptops have good keyboards.It has fast hard drive and dual core processor.I have used this laptop.

James Gosling is a developer of Java programming. Any language is works good in any computer background. I am using Apple laptop, Java works best and earlier I was working Compaq laptop, but in same situation the problem is its speed.

Well said. I bought one of these for my wife recently after his laptop was stolen. It would be great for a spec point of view, including solid state drive, but the keyboard is terrible.Now I am looking to make Java programming with Eclipse, and I need a laptop that is good for it. Can you name specific models or specifications I have to look for, who are good at programming?


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