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Green Web Hosting all about.

Started by John23, August 30, 2010, 02:19:10 PM

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Green Web hosting entails a revolutionary technology which involves trees, wind power, and renewable energy. There are a multitude of companies proudly taking on the Eco-friendly technology and promoting clean renewable methods of powering their data centers.

Some of the steps taken in this regard include:
# They plant trees for every server sold and even telecommute to save gas. This is done to combat the effect that the functioning of a web hosting company has on the environment.
# The web hosts use alternative and/ or renewable energy to power their data-centers. This alternative energy generally involves trees, wind power and other renewable energies.
# The web hosts are devoting a lot of time, money and other resources into helping the environment stay cleaner and greener.


Green web hosting is best described as an ecological alternative to traditional accommodations. Number of companies is currently an initiative to reduce the impacts of emissions data center and other facilities of the shared environment.

Nile Hadwards

Good post John, thanks for sharing with community and I hope you will continue sharing your knowledge with us!


Nowadays, each of us are trying to look for ways where we can save energy as well as our environment. In my opinion, the best way with which one can save our environment as well as energy is by using solar powered products.

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