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Variance between colocation and dedicated server

Started by John23, October 04, 2010, 12:05:00 PM

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Dedicated server and colocation are technically the same. But, if dedicated server is equipment that belongs to a company and yopu rent it for your information, then colo is when you have your own server in datacenter of some company, where you rent a physical space for it, and not more - all management and repair has to be done by yourself, so it is only reasonable if you live close to the dc.


If you rent a dedicated server that owns the machine you just get access to a whole box, so if you cancel your contract payment or you will lose everything. With co-location must have its own box and pay for the space in the data center connections.


A dedicated server is that type of server where its resources are not shared and are completely exclusive to its user. It offers benefits such as higher performance, greater access control, enhanced security, and so on. Physical access to dedicated servers is not available.

Whereas, Co-location means that you keep your own physical server at a facility of the Co-location provider. Here the provider takes care of the entire physical server colocated at the Data Center including uninterrupted power supply, internet connection, safety, infrastructure facilities, and physical access to the DC.


I see the things that you shared have been met by many people. This issue needs to be resolved quickly, thanks for sharing this vid

Scott Harwood

Dedicated server:
A dedicated server is the web hosting option where a server is entirely dedicated to a single client. In other words, a dedicated server hosting solution is reserved for one client and is not shared with anyone else.

In a dedicated server hosting solution, a data center leases one entire server to a single client, not sharing it with anyone else. The user has complete control over the choice of OS, storage, and other components. It ensures fast speed, higher levels of availability, and greater uptime as there is no server sharing. The user experiences excellent web performance and can focus on his core business, accelerating the enterprise's growth.

The price for a dedicated server lease is higher than other data center services. But, it's cost-efficient as the price per performance is low, i.e., it's a complete value for money.

Suppose you have more significant web needs and colossal web traffic and can't afford to make a large capital investment in buying a server. In that case, a dedicated server provider is the best option for you by only paying the monthly lease. In addition, you not only take advantage of their excellent infrastructure, hardware, servers, and security facilities.

Colocation server:
A colocation server is about co-locating the client's server by utilizing the space in a data center.

In colocation, the client owns the server and determines its configuration components, from storage, hardware, memory, CPU, and processor to everything. But if this server is housed in a typical office environment, it will soon lead to failures. So, to avoid such faults, colocation is the data center service to protect the server from any physical damage. In the data center's controlled cooling and ventilated settings, in addition to power backups and a multi-layered security system, the client can easily co-locate the server just by renting the space in the facility. The space can be as small as a rack or a cabinet or even as large as a room.

Colocation server hosting needs a one-time investment in buying the server and paying the monthly rental fees for space in the data center.

Choosing between Colocation hosting or a Dedicated server entirely depends on the type of your business, your web needs, your budget, and the overall IT strategy of the enterprise.
Scott Harwood
Web Hosting Expert


If you terminate your dedicated server contract, you lose everything. Co-location requires a box and data center connection fees.


We recently monitored the Ukrainian market, comparing just these two services, colocation or dedicated server rental. And we got a very strange result that made us think: the cost of hosting a server was not at all much cheaper than renting a server, and given that you need to maintain and update your server located in the data center yourself, as well as pay for overexpenditure of traffic or electricity, it turned out sometimes more expensive than renting a server and not worrying about anything else, since its maintenance is completely the responsibility of the hosting provider.

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