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Hi dear all friends .
Now a days there are many search engine available to search any topic .Famous search engine are yahoo google and bing .I like to use bing search engine .Which search engine do you use??

I am use Google Search engine. Google is number one search engine in the world. Google is a crawler-based engine. Google home page is extremely simple and clean. It loads fastest.

Hello friends...!
I am also use Google search engine.....Google was an early pioneer in search engines and continues to dominate the market today.....Its really fast and user friendly....!

There are many search engines are available but i prefer Google to find the information from the internet,because of its flexibility,easiness,faster and gives more reliable data compare to  other search engines that's why i prefer Google search engine.

I choose a bing, because Its I like its search speed. I use this search engines more and more, because it seems to provide more accurate results for a given search term, also noted that the more traffic I get a lot from it.


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