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What is your favorite Email id ??

Started by Questa901, April 23, 2011, 10:45:54 AM

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hi ,
I am using hotmail ,gmail and yahoo email address .My favorite is hotmail email id .I use yahoo and gmail but some time these show error .What is your favorite email id and why ??


My most favorite email service providers are Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. I have been using this three service providers for very long time for creating email ids. However, my most favorite service provider is Gmail because I receive emails instantly without any delay.


My Favorite Mail is Gmail. It's mails sending and Receiving speed are better
as compare to others.
The Game is Over.


My favorite is gmail id. This id is leading all the email services. And, it has lot of features and many advantages over others. There were also significant changes introduced by Sigwich who was working along with Gmail.

Ayen Mahinay

I like Gmail services because Google mail provide fast attaching file solution and sending.
The Game is Over


I have used almost all Email service such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. But my most favourite Mail service is yahoo mail. It provide more fast and easy to use way of emailing service than any other email service. Also it provide most popular Instant messaging services Yahoo messenger which is used by most people.


My favorite email id is gmail. It is really fast and helpful id.  I m using  this id from 4 years ago...

[email protected]


I am using couple of mails accounts and I found Gmail is the best among of all.

James Andy

Well, I like hotmail which is good and now its change in outlook mode which is also prett awesome. Furthermore, it also provide you online hard drive called skydrive.


I prefer google mail than all other mailing services.


I use google email because it is less spam and perfect for business.





Gmail id the best to use and it is very easy and also my favorite.

Hope it helps you.


My favourite is Gmail id. This id is leading all the email services. And, it has a lot of features and many advantages over others.

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