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Do you know about black hat Seo.?

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what is black hat seo?

I want to know about the black hat seo what it is black hat seo and what is white hat seo? Are they same or they different one?

Suggestion and comments are welcome

Black hat search engine optimization is often used to define advanced search technology advantage is immoral manner.creates bad user experience is the direct cause of black hat SEO techniques used on the site.

Black hat SEO is breaking the rules and regulation of sites. Black Hat SEO tactics are practices used by unethical SEO companies,black hat SEO is  against Google guideline,its used to get higher ranking to your site.

Black hat seo is the unethical way of seo as this kind of seo techniques are not accepted by the search engines.

Many SEO related person and non related person know that Black hat attempts to improve a web page’s search engine ranking through SEO methods. If your goals are long term this is very risky since search engine might punish you by giving your site a bad PR. But if you have short term goals then this can be a good alternative.


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