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Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting

Started by ludmela5, August 17, 2011, 04:26:48 PM

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What is the difference between Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting?


I would prefer Windows Hosting..the reason is that as follows
--If your website relies on .net or visual basic, Windows hosting is an excellent choice. In fact, it's the only choice that will provide you what you need to accomplish building a website with these languages. Unix hosting is not able to use these languages and if you need to use either, it is essential that you select a Windows Hosting platform.
--If you use the popular web design program, Microsoft Front Page, having a Windows Hosting platform will make your life a lot easier. You won't have to worry about making sure your server supports extensions, as you would with a Unix platform.
--If you are familiar with the Windows operating system, having a Windows based server will make the learning process much easier. You won't have to worry about learning a new language just to maintain your website.
--If you plan to use Active Server Pages or .ASP or if you need to have a dynamically database driven website, Windows is superior in this regard. In fact, Unix servers do not support .ASP, which makes your choice clear if you plan to use this popular scripting language on your site.
--If your website needs to collect its data from an Access database, a Windows server will be able to integrate this database seamlessly. While there are many database options, such as MySQL, many people prefer to use Access. A Windows server will be able to make integration much easier.
--If you use Visual Interdev or plan to develop Windows based applications on your site, than a Windows platform will obviously be the best choice for you. Unix does not support Windows development programs and if this is the development language of your choice, you would be best served by a Windows based server.
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Both the Windows and Linux web hosting are equally good. But windows hosting would be the most preferred one as it lets the users to incorporate the products to the websites than Linux. Also looking towards the simplicity and user-friendliness, Windows would be the best solution though Linux is an open-source platform.

Nile Hadwards

 As of me Linux is an open source and secure OS that's why most of the people prefer Linux whereas if you want to use Windows based applications like APS than you need Windows based hosting server.


The basic and major differences between these two are the price and number of supported applications. If you are using Microsoft's applications such as asp.net, ms sql, vb.net, etc ... then you will have to choose Windows platform. For php, my sql, and other open source applications Linux is the best option. 
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I think both are equally good and both have their own good features and advantage. For security purpose Linux is the best and its open source so that it support PHP, Mysql data base and all other open source programs.


Well, difference is in technologies:

Windows hosting consider IIS web server, MSSQL database server and ASP dot NET server scripts in most cases.
Linux web hosting consider using of Apache web server, MySQL(or MariaDB) and PHP scripts on server side. In other word LAMP or XAMPP mostly.


Windows Hosting

It uses hardware running the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. It might be your best bet if you're already familiar with Windows on desktop computers and would prefer to stick with what you know.

Fans of Windows Hosting will tell you it's one of the easier web hosting products to use, less complicated when it comes to adding features to expand your website. Windows Hosting is also backed by Microsoft, which regularly provides updates to keep your hosting secure and free of bugs.

On the more technical side, Windows server hosting is the only hardware capable of running the Visual Basic or .NET programming languages. It's also your best option for scripting Active Server Pages (.ASP).

Linux Hosting

This refers to Web Hosting that runs on a Linux operating system. Linux is an open-source operating system, which means that the public is free to use, modify, and share it. Moreover, since the OS is free, hosting providers are able to offer Linux hosting at a lower price than other types.
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The most significant benefit of using Linux is it is open-source. Over half of the VPS server runs on Linux. It implies that many hosting companies develop various cost-effective VPS hosting packages with greater flexibility.

It is a virtual private network that uses a Linux operating system. Anyone can easily add, delete or customize any feature as per their need in Linux VPS; thus, it is highly flexible.

In many aspects, Linux is better than Windows because of its performance, security, stability, and cost-effectiveness. In Linux, software updates can be done easily and quickly. Most users prefer cheap Linux VPS hosting over a dedicated or shared network. Linux hosting is better than a shared network, as users are not supposed to suffer from downtime because of another website shared on the same network. Also, this option is cheaper than a dedicated server you may not need.
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