Impressive Icons for Windows
« on: October 20, 2011, 11:57:48 AM »
Whether we are designing a website or developing a windows based software, we need icons for windows and web design. 777 Icons provides professionaly crafted icons ready for download and royalty free.

Bundle sets available:

Basic Icons for Vista and Windows 7
Toolbar Icon Set for Windows 7/Vista
Financial Icon Library for Windows 7/Vista
Network Icon Library for Vista and Windows 7
Messenger Icons for Windows 7/Vista
Large Icons for Vista and Windows 7
People Icons for Vista and Windows 7/8
Travel Icon Set
Multimedia Icons for Windows 7
Business Icons for Vista and Windows 7
Transport Icons for Windows Vista
Medical Icons for Windows 7
Blog Icons for Windows 7/Vista
Toolbar Icon Set
Business Icon Set
Transport Icon Set
Money Icon Set
E-mail Icon Set
Security Icon Set
Science Icon Set
Medical Icon Set
Graphic Icon Set
Smile Icon Set
Design Icon Set
Navigation Icon Set
Folder Icon Set
Music Icon Library
Hardware Icon Library
Food Icon Library
Car Icon Library
Word Icon Library
Sport Icons
Fire Toolbar Icons
i-Commerce Icon Set
Professional Icon Set
Military Icon Set
Database Icon Set
Artistic Toolbar Icons
Health Care Icons
Online Icon Set
Phone Icon Library
Business Software Icons
Stock Toolbar Icons
Database Software Icons
Paper Icon Library
Space Icons
Love Icon Set
Web Icon Library
Search Icon Library
Job Icon Set
Blue Icon Library
Hardware Icon Set - Classic Style

Lots of savings when you buy by bundle/sets Or you can buy individual icon images to suit your needs. Each icon is $5 when purchased individually.

All icons purchased comes with a License Agreement. ORDER HERE for your icons.