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Why Google banne Adsense Account ?

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hi friends ,
Google adsense is a great source of income .It does not require hard work but should get visitor on website or blog. I had google adsense account but after three months this account was blocked . I do not know why Google blocked my adsense account. If anyone know reasons than share me .

Steve Smith:
Click on your own ads. Sure, accidents happen. But if you’re so “clumsy” that you click on your ads 20 times in 10 minutes, you probably need to be banned. If you do accidentally click on your ads, contact Google Adsense
immediately and let them know what happened.
Put Google Adsense on websites that have questionable or banned content such as Hacker, Warez, Porn, Drug and Gambling sites.
Showing Adsense ads on Registration or “Thank You” pages.

Google Adsense is a platform through which we allow Google to show its partners ads on our website in return of monetary benefit by clicks on partner's ads.
Google gives some guidelines for all its platforms to run efficiently.
Google is also known to give good user experience which forces him to changes its policies on regular basis.
SO, if you do not adhere his guidelines, you will suffer and Google Bann your account.

Maybe your content is not unique or you clicked your own ads. I have my adsense account banned as well because I have done some black hat seo strategies for my site and my posts are just copied.

Well, Google Adsense rules are pretty strict if you will not follow them so Google will ban your Adsense account. Just make sure that you are not doing any illegal step to earn more clicks which is totally illegal and it cause you ban. So keep avoiding these type of things.


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