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What is Anchor Text?

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richard branson:
it is a visible text that is hyperlinked to another page.Anchor text have important role to get backlinks & Boost traffic on site and improve ranking on target keywords.

Anchor text is the simple text that we used to get back links. It can be single keyword or group of keywords. It is used to redirect to particular web page of the website. Anchor text is one of the important factor in search engine optimization.

Anchor text is the clickable link which is refers to the website.In Article Submission when we place a keyword and hyperlink it with a website's link is called the anchor text or word. 

Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlink display when you are linking to another document or location on theInternet.Anchor text is important because search engines use it in their algorithms to determine their rankings.It is a brief description of the site you are linking to. Anchor text can also be misused when the text does not explain where the link is going.

Anchor-text relates this is a HTML value which makes the appropriate targeted keyword to clickable and making website to other web page. And Anchor text is a very big power of all significant SE.


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