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The art of outsourcing


Outsourcing design, development and marketing projects or parts of projects has become a very commonplace process in the world of ecommerce - and you really don't need to be a Fortune 500 company with masses of cash to utilize and benefit from outsourcing.
Scenario: A client comes to you wanting a quote on a web site and it's the perfect job - apart from one element in the project - you aren't skilled in this particular web technology. This component is a crucial element in winning the contract, there's no way of getting around it. What do you do? You don't want to lose the contract, but you definitely can't afford to hire a new employee for this project - there are too many risks and associated headaches. Or what about a situation with your own site where you need some programming done and simply don't have time to do it, or the headspace to learn how to do it? Isn't your time better spent on your core competencies, the skills that generate cash for you? Another scenario is where you have so much work on at the time that you really don't have the resources for taking on and developing a full project. In these cases, small companies tend to refer the entire job on to others. But then you lose the client forever to the other company. Wouldn't it make more sense to secure the contract, outsource everything and oversee the development? That way if one of your current projects falls through, you will still have work and you will also more than likely gain future work from that client.
Most small web design and development companies naturally achieve great expertise in specific areas many of the projects are outsourced to web design company India - these project areas are the ones that they are not only particularly good at, but also the fastest in generating. We all build up our repertoire of "tricks of the trade" over time, and these are the elements of any contract that it makes the most sense to keep. Where are the bottlenecks in your development processes? If developing graphical elements for web sites is one of your challenges, then it only makes sense to outsource that work. You may feel that paying $80 an hour to an expert graphic artist is too steep considering your standard rate is only $50 an hour, but consider this example: A client wants a Flash element created and Flash isn't one of your stronger areas, so the length of time it will take you to create that element is a bit of an unknown - and you have already set the entire project price, which the client has agreed on. You end up spending 6 hours on designing the Flash animation to the clients’ satisfaction.

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This is a great thread that includes much useful information! I'm pretty new to outsourcing, but I've already found out about trends in this sphere on According to this article, the outsourcing world will see such innovations like development of blockchair and cloud-based technologies, social responsibility, new destinations, augmented reality projects and secure development. But the main process is still the same, so thanks for sharing!


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