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Social Bookmarking Effective or not ?

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Steve Smith:
Is social bookmarking effective in seo ?

James Andy:
Social bookmarking is playing a crucial role to generate a new traffic in your site and make your site visible with a larger audience. Furthermore, Tags are short generic words which describe the page you are bookmarking. These tags play an important role in social bookmarking and increasing your site’s visibility to users.

When you take the time to create unique web content with specific keywords designed to boost your visibility in search results, you not only increase your search engine ranking but also increase the probability that your readers will return.
I would highly recommend solutions if you need to get traffic.

Yes of course, social bookmarking is really effective in SEO. You can also generate some traffic and you'll be able to get high quality backlinks.


Yes, I think social bookmarking is effective for SEO because it increases the visibility of the website and provides it back.

Hope this helps you.


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