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Steve Smith:
 In SEO on page optimization contains the factors that have effect on your website in natural search engine results. And these factors are completed by coding on your home page. The main factors in on page SEO are Meta tags like Meta description, Meta keywords, Meta title. And also sitemaps, robots.txt file etc.....

There are lots of things you can add in the list of on-page SEO.

Site Navigation structure
Internal Linking of site

On-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page.

The best on page optimization in my opinion is high quality and unique content.

On page seo refers to the process that is followed on the website itself. Some of the tasks involved are:

Keyword research
Meta tags and title
Meta description
Robots.txt file
Sitemap generation
Content development
Image optimization


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