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Advance SEO Techniques

Started by Steve Smith, February 04, 2013, 03:43:18 PM

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Steve Smith

According to you which are the current new and advanced SEO techniques......


Advanced SEO techniques go beyond the basics of on-page optimization and link building. They involve more strategic and nuanced approaches to improve your website's search engine rankings and visibility. Here are some advanced SEO techniques to consider:

Technical SEO:

Focus on technical aspects such as site speed optimization, mobile-friendliness, schema markup implementation, and structured data optimization.
Ensure your website has a clean URL structure, optimized meta tags, and XML sitemaps for easy crawling and indexing.
Voice Search Optimization:

Optimize your content for voice search queries by focusing on conversational language and long-tail keywords.
Consider creating FAQ-style content that answers common voice search questions.
Featured Snippets and Rich Results:

Identify high-potential keywords that trigger featured snippets.
Structure your content to answer questions succinctly, making it more likely to be featured.
User Experience (UX) Optimization:

Improve user experience by enhancing site navigation, reducing bounce rates, and increasing time on page.
Optimize for mobile users and create a responsive design.
Advanced Keyword Research:

Use tools to find long-tail keywords and semantically related terms.
Prioritize keywords with higher search intent and lower competition.
Semantic SEO:

Focus on creating comprehensive content that covers a topic in depth.
Use related keywords and synonyms naturally throughout your content.


Reoptimize old content
Build a mobile-friendly website
Develop an internal linking process
Optimize content for Google RankBrain
Target keywords without featured snippets
Accelerate page speed
Kill thin content
Claim dead links to competitor pages
Add schema markup to relevant pages
Repurpose new and old content


Advanced SEO techniques

Accelerate page speed
Build local backlinks
Leverage internal links
Mobile considerations
Semantic SEO
User Experience
Schema markup implementation
Spammy link building
Content optimization
Create branded keywords
Voice search optimization
Local SEO
Update previous content


This is very Informative Information, I also want to know about it.