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photonvps down?

Started by Web_news, November 12, 2013, 02:18:24 PM

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Does anyone know if photonvps has any issue? I am unable to access their website as well as their support portal..


An update from PhotonVPS on recent outage:

At 1:54 PM PDT - 11/11/13 a network issue occurred that caused issues through out sections of our network. When this occurred PhotonVPS cloud system started rebooting VMs and migrating itself to different hypervisor. This behavior of self recovery is what makes a VM different from an actual cloud - where there is no single point of failure due to hardware issue such as RAM, HD, etc.. However, in this case the constant migration to other HV simply over loaded our Hypervisors while it try to recover itself.

Once our engineers were able to stabilize this domino affect we have to stabilize the cloud system by migrating each VM to servers that had no VM running. All of this were done by hand which caused the delay outage you had.

We are working with OnApp to see what solutions can be offered during a recovery process when such process occur.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time and we do apologize for the downtime that occurred.


It seems that they have now power outage and most of the servers are offline since last 24 hours. According to Jimmy (one of the members at PhotonVPS) on another forum:

** Quick update, the following cabs have been de-racked from 615 and moved to our newer facility:

A7, B3, B6, B7, E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, and E6.

We began around noon today and should be completed around midnight. You can expect connectivity back to your servers early tomorrow morning.

We do apologize for this outage and do thank you for your patience.


Additional update from Jimmy:

The facility is still without power and we wanted to bring our clients up as soon as possible. The main breaker blew and so the facility is around 50% capacity. Rather than waiting another day to complete the replacement we decided to move all cabs without power to the new facility.

The idea of establishing our core in One Wilshire has been in our road map for sometime. In fact prior to this power outage our contract and service order has already started where our engineers were going to put in a new route and migrate the routes off the 615 router. This would have been a smooth cut over. We figured to be in heart of downtown to be near with peers while we increase our network capacity for mitigating DDoS attacks.

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