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Disabling wp-cron.php in WordPress (WordPress virtual cron)

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As far I know WordPress uses wp-cron.php file for the virtual cron. This file is being accessed each time whenever a page is visited. I have one heavy traffic WordPress blog and this is causing the issue. Is there any way I can disable WordPress virtual cron so that wp-cron.php is not called on each page visit? This will help me to reduce the resource usage.


Yes it is advisable to disable WordPress virtual cron if you are not using it. You can set manual cron job to for wp-cron.php to run 1 or 2 times in a day. This is necessary to check for WordPress updates and plugin updates. To disable WordPress virtual cron, kindly refer our article on Disabling wp-cron.php in WordPress

Hey thanks for the article. It helped me to disable WordPress virtual cron wp-cron.php and I was able to reduce my usage.


If you are not using any virtual cron in your WordPress blog, it is highly recommend you disable this. This will certainly save your server resources.

On a large blog, wp-cron.php should be disabled to avid over resource utilization. You need it only if you are using any plugin related to WordPress cron.



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