SolusVM v1.16.00 Release & Security Updates
« on: August 06, 2014, 07:18:59 PM »
Soluslabs has released SolusVM v1.16.00 on August 04, 2014. SolusVM v1.16.00 is a security updates and it is recommended that you upgrade your SolusVM version as soon as possible. For security reasons, additional information are not released yet.

Following are the Fixes/Changes/Features addressed in SolusVM v1.16.00:

- Added IPv6 subnets
- Added ipv6subnets output variable to the admin API vserver-create call
- Fixed bug where ftp backups were not enabling correctly
- Added column removal in node listings
- Fixed a bug in the dhcpd functions
- Added logrotate scripts
- Fixed bug in admin API vserver-vnc call where it would return the socket host as a local address if using sockets on the master