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What's new in OnApp 3.3

Started by Kailash, August 28, 2014, 12:21:01 PM

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Implemented template manager

Now you can download new and update existing templates from your Control Panel directly (Templates > System templates > Available/Updates tab).

Introduced CPU units

Now you can replace CPU priority with CPU units option which is an abstract figure specifying hypervisor capacity. There are some restrictions on CPU units usage.

My template groups

Now users can organize their custom templates into groups. Also, for Windows-based templates, My Template Groups provides users with the possibility to select their own licensing type regardless of the billing plan assigned to them.

Added new configuration settings

In the Settings > Configuration > System, Archive Statistics is replaced with Statistics Management. Now, the system will archive the congregated monthly statistics in order to save space. However, you may enable hourly statistics archiving for a required time period. Also you may change the time of instant statistics storage.

Improvements to hypervisor zone resource limits

Added the VS creation properties which allow you to specify the minimum amount of resources available for users in a wizard when creating a server. You can also set the default values for CPU and CPU share resources. Each server created based on this particular hypervisor zone will be created with these default values and CPU/CPU share parameters won't be shown in a server creation wizard.

Introduced backup server balancing

Improved the logic of choosing a specific backup server on which a backup will be performed.

SAML Authentication

Now the third-party systems' users can access OnApp Cloud using their Identity Provider. Single-sign on possibility is enabled due to new SAML Authentication feature.

Integrated Storage Improvements

Added new Email configuration options which allow switching on Storage hourly and/or daily email reports.  Also implemented possibility to switch from multicast to unicast mode.


Looks like they are now providing frequent updates to OnApp. The latest version is far better compare to their initial release.



Here, you show me the new usage of OnApp 3.3 good to know about all this. Can you tell me about some restrictions on CPU units usage?


The latest version is far better compare to their initial release.

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