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Blogspot vs Wordpress

Started by vps, September 22, 2014, 04:47:02 PM

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Which free blog is good with seo among Blogspot(blogger.com) and Wordpress.


I prefer self-hosted WordPress blog over Blogger.


How can you say that "Wordpress blog is better than blogger"?


Both these are two well establish content publishing platforms, in blog spot you can rent your site and own it. While wordpress is a open source, from here you can use your pre registered domain name. In wordpress you have register your own domain name. In blogspot no plugins are available whereas in wordpress thousands of plugins are available.


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I would opt for blogspot since it is a google product so has better chances of ranking well on google.


I prefer Wordpress because I can use a lot of useful plugins and its open source. The good thing is that Google ranks wordpress easily if its well optimized.


Both have their own value. But as per dynamic website creation and SEO point of view, experts say that Wordpress is more better than Blogger due to its easy features and plugins.


I definitely prefer WordPress. It does so many things for you.
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WordPress Premium Themes