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How to show my site in the top pages of Google

Started by MariaMcCoy, October 25, 2014, 11:13:41 AM

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Give me some suggestion on how can my site appear in the top pages of Google.


First you have to do onpage optimization and then off page optimization to bring top pages in Google.


Try to use social networking sites like facebook and twitter more instead of traditional SEO methods.


To reach on top of search engine firstly you have to do proper on page and off page seo. Share over on social network. Follow your competitor. Hope it will help you reach on top of search engine.


By keeping an active blog presence and making your social media sites the go-to hotspots for what you offer, you'll do more than pull in new leads. You'll attract customers you never expected. I know that paidforumposting.com is a good solution for traffic increase.
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By doing SEO both Off and On page. I am sure your site will show up on first page. Try less competition keyword and I am sure your site will show up on first page.


SEO is one of the best ways to promote your site but if you're doing a quality link building, because most of the persons believe that black hat SEO is still effective. Google Algorithm is very strict once you know the tactics of this then you will promote your site in a better way which helps you to get on the top of the Google search engine.

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