Help to Find ASP.NET Hosting | Need European Datacenter
« on: December 08, 2014, 11:07:54 AM »
Hi Experts,

Actually I have subscribed with one hosting provider in US. But, I have no experience with other hosting provider that are non-US hosting provider. Now, my new clients want to save their files on Europe server. Anyone have great recommendation for ASP.NET hosting in Europe? I have searched via google and found so many hosting providers that support ASP.NET. I have eliminated them one by one and come into 3 hosting providers, named,, and discountasp. But, it seems that discountasp is the last choice. I know they are superior hosting provider but their support team must be on US. So, they are my last choice.

About and, anyone ever tried them before? In US, have used so many hosting provider, but I have problem now in choose hosting provider in europe.

I have checked both of them and they have green flag/positive reviews. This is why I want to try them. I just want to make sure again that my heart is right and I can try them. Please kindly share your experience if you ever tried this hosting provider in the past or maybe you are still with one of them.

Thank you for your valuable feedback