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5 common mistakes of mail signature settings


Don't be drab,The email signature must be lively and interesting!
What shall we do ? That is avoiding these five common mistakes.
1.List all contacts.When you have multiple phone numbers, email addresses, social network accounts, you may want to list them all,but the recipient will annoy it.You just need list one or two contact ways ,that’s enough !
2.Make your signature with a picture.Some email providers to intercept email marketing messages the default settings of the image .The recipient may be see nothing if your signature is contained the names, titles, images and trademarks..If you want to attach images, remember that behind the image with alternate text
3.Regardless of small - screen users.At least half the recipients use mobile devices to read your messages. This also means that your signature will appear on the small screen.You must ensure that you can use your thumb to touch everything
4.Adding irrelevant information.if you have a blog or run a small business, you'll probably want to improve sentiment. In the message signature attached website link is a good idea, but the premise is that the need to ensure that the content associated with the recipient.
5.Obsolete signature.In a simple and lively discourse as an email marketing message to an end.You have to let them have the desire to get back to you.

Mistakes of mail signature settings:
1. Including every possible way to contact you.
2. Using an image as your signature.
3. Not designed for the small screen.
4. Including irrelevant information.
5. Having a stale sign off.


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