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OnApp 3.4 Released

Started by Kailash, December 18, 2014, 12:13:12 PM

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OnApp has released OnApp v3.4 to address few bugs and improvements. Following are the change logs:


  • Added validation for HTTP caching rules to avoid sending the incorrect data
  • Added possibility to break down the bandwidth statistics per location using API
  • Now it is possible to assign two edge groups with overlapping locations to the same billing plan
  • Added a button to return from advanced reporting page to the resource page for HTTP pull&push resources
  • Implemented the possibility to purge and prefetch HTTP Push resources
  • IP tables are disabled only when Control Panel is being installed and not when being upgraded
Bug Fix:

  • Fixed permissions filter issue for firewall rules update
  • Fixed the API call to get the active Storage Servers locations
  • Fixed the "value" field for action "set request/response header"
  • Corrected the labeling of the virtual servers
  • Fixed the Administrative Options display on the Tools page for the Virtual Server
  • Corrected displaying of the template size of in the template manager
  • Fixed "Clean all" option in the "Some dangling device mappers found" section
  • The first rule condition always starts with "if"
  • Fix storage server location for PUSH CDN Resources
  • Fixed the possibility to manage the account of Control Panel's administrator via installer

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