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How to avoid your email go into the spam folder

Started by happyJimmy, December 22, 2014, 02:20:11 PM

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Although junk mails would be intercepted by mail system automatically, it aims to improve the user experience.
1.Theme Identification
There have two choices when people have received the email ,open or ignore it .The clear the theme is ,the better the chances of opening it.The email content requires content targeted.
2.A choppy paragraph structure
Move on the next step based on the user's thoughts.Lead the users to your site gradually.
3.The words control .Everything should be documented in plain and simple language.It is bad for reading if words too much .


Send email from a custom/private domain email id, example - [email protected]. gmail email ids are more sent into spam as it is a free email setup, of course, if your content is promotional or spam.
Send a limited email every day. 500 max from one email id.

The IP of email domain is tracked by google, after some time, google starts putting it in spam. Better to change email domain IP every year.

Wiser to use one email domain for the promotion of one specific product/service niche. Rather than flooding with multiple niche.

These are my observation, I'm sure there could be other possibilities too.

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