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[SHARE ONLY] Windows Dedicated Server with SQL Server Installed

Started by Parampa, March 09, 2015, 02:24:23 PM

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Hi Guys,

Just want to share about this great information. This morning I play Gplus and found attractive advertisement. Basically, windows dedicated server with SQL server installed, it will very costly. But, I got great news, I found asphostportal.com offer windows dedicated server with SQL server start with $149.99/month. When I checked their site, if you want to get that price, you need to pay 1 year in advance. But, you can pay for 3 months payment and it only cost around 180/month which is sounds good. Just refer to asphostportal.com/Windows-Cloud-Server-Hosting-Plans for complete information about their hosting plan. Maybe some of you need their service.

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