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blank mail issue

Started by utsav, March 20, 2015, 09:32:39 AM

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smartrr mail blank mail issue still persist..
the mail that scheduled has only an issue.

if same. sender sends mail, mail deliver normally...

I also removed mailbox.cfg of particular recipient...but still no luck

any solution will be appreciated.


Anti Spam application matters in this case?


It should not but if it is possible to disable it temporarily, you should try it.


The bounced email message with the error "Remote Server returned '550 Too many MIME parts: 150 > 100'" indicates that the email you sent was rejected by the recipient's email server because the email contained too many MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) parts. MIME parts are components of an email, such as text, images, attachments, and more. In this case, the email had exceeded the server's limit for the number of MIME parts.

Here's what the error message means and what you can do:

Excessive MIME Parts:
The recipient's email server has a limit on the number of MIME parts an email can contain. MIME parts include text, HTML content, images, attachments, and more. In this case, the email you sent had 150 MIME parts, which exceeded the server's limit of 100.

Reason for Limit:
Email servers enforce limits on MIME parts to prevent emails from becoming overly complex or potentially overwhelming the server's resources. This helps maintain efficient email processing and prevents misuse.

Actions to Take:

Reduce MIME Parts: If possible, try to reduce the number of MIME parts in the email. This might involve removing unnecessary images, attachments, or other components.
Combine Elements: If the email includes multiple images, consider combining them into a single image or using fewer images.
Optimize Attachments: If attachments are a significant part of the email, consider compressing or optimizing them to reduce the number of MIME parts.
Use Links: Instead of attaching files directly, provide links to download files from a server or cloud storage service.
Simplify Content: Streamline the content of the email to focus on the most important information and elements.
Contact Recipient: If the email is crucial and you cannot reduce the MIME parts, you can contact the recipient to inform them about the issue and discuss alternatives.
Review Email Practices:

Consider whether sending emails with a large number of MIME parts is a common practice for your recipients. If not, evaluate if there are more efficient ways to share content.
Professional Email Service:

Using a professional email service or provider might help optimize your emails for better deliverability and adherence to server limits.
Check Recipient Requirements:

If the email is being sent to a specific organization or service, review any guidelines or requirements they have for email content and attachments.
Remember that each recipient's email server may have different limitations, so the best approach may vary based on the context of your emails and the recipient's requirements. If the issue persists or if the email is crucial, you may want to contact the recipient's email administrator or support team for further assistance.