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SQL 2008 EXP and SQL 2012 EXP in single server

Started by utsav, May 10, 2015, 09:30:14 PM

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I have already installed SQL 2008 EXP in my server and configured it with Websitepanel. Now I want to install SQL 2012 EXP in same server and want to configure it in WSP, but when I am trying to add it in WSP, it is showing following error

"The expected service is not found in your server"

Any suggestion?


Is it possible to configure two SQL servers i.e SQL express 2008 r2 and SQL express 2012 (installed in same server) in single WSP?


Yes, it is possible however you will have to use different SQL server ports and instance name for both installation.

- Kailash


Thanks for your answer...

Would you mind to share the process to configure them into WebsitePanel?



Is it possible to change an instance name, after installing SQL server? or Does SQL server keep different instance name than the other SQL server already installed at the time of installing another one?

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