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how can i recover my WHP username/password


i wanted to know how to recover my whp username/password

Are you referring to WHM password? You mentioned to recover username/password. Do you have root access of your server?

- Kailash


WHM is provided with Reseller hosting plans also. if you are using Reseller hosting then you will need to contact to your hosting provider inorder to reset your password. But if you have lost your root password/Master WHM password then you will need to contact to your server provider to reset it.

Thank you.

You can reset the password using following command from shell and use new root password to login into WHM

--- Quote ---passwd
--- End quote ---

To reset your cPanel account password, perform the following steps:

Navigate to the following location in your browser, where example.com represents your domain name:

Click Reset Password.
Enter your cPanel username in the Username text box and click Reset Password.
Enter your contact email address in the Contact Email Address text box and click Send Security Code.
In the Security Code text box, enter the security code that you received and click Submit.
Enter your password in the New Password text box, confirm your password and click Set Password.
To log in to your account, click Log In.


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