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What is role of web host in the security of a website?

Started by iharrythomas, July 17, 2015, 04:46:01 PM

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Can you please tell me. The role of web host in the security of website. I have an online shopping site and I am always worried about the security of it.


Web host can provide security at server lever but if you are using any third party scripts/plugins/templates etc. and there is any security issue with them, your web host can't do anything for you. any security related to your code and scripts are yours.

- Kailash


As Kailash said host can provide security at server lever. Most host also have a email scanning software (on shared hosting) to detect f someone is spamming. But apart from this a web host can't do much. If your code is buggy & there are security holes in your website then web host can't help you in that case.


Web hosts must limit who has access to virtual machines and restrict physical access to servers. Ignoring data security makes it easy for hackers to compromise servers and the information they're able to see.

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