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WordPress logo not showing with HTTPS

Started by Chris, August 06, 2015, 03:35:03 PM

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I have recently moved entire blog to HTTPS by installing SSL. Everything is working fine except my logo image. It is not loading logo when I access the blog. How can I fix it?



If your browser is blocking insecure items while accessing HTTPS page, you may face this issue. It seems that your logo is loading using HTTP instead of HTTPS. You may need to edit your WordPress theme's header file if it is not loading logo using HTTPS.

- Kailash


Kindly provide the domain name which has this issue


Please specify the domain name that has this problem. This problem may occur if your browser is blocking unsafe elements while browsing an HTTPS page.


You are getting this issue due to mixed content issue, in this you are using http instead of https in your application.
So either you can manually check or use any plugin to resolve this issue.

You can also find few steps to resolve mixed content issue,

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Most of the time you are using HTTP URL instead of HTTPS for the logo image. Make it HTTPS will be fixed your problem.
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