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Website Uptime Monitoring For Just $0.99/mo

Started by tweakservers, November 22, 2015, 01:17:53 PM

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PingMy.Site helps all small business, ecommerce and personal websites to stay alert of any website downtime event. Forget the need to pay expensive bill for uptime monitoring solution and running out of SMS credit for notifications.

Get to know the alert instantly - as we run the checks every 1 minute.
Minimal false alert - checks will be carry out through our 30 global monitoring station and you can configure how many errors consecutively detected before you start to receive the notifications.
No alert notification limit - unlike other provider which will ask you to top your SMS credit, we offer unlimited alert notifications via SMS, Email, Twitter and push notifications.
Monitor up to 15 different services - POP3, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, Ping, Port Check..etc
Monitor outside your data center network - it's good to have a monitoring outside your data center network as on certain occasional, your website could not be access on certain places due to network connection on your data center upstream.

With all the features included, it's only at $0.99/mo with our 'Pay As You Go' plan. A 'Bundle' plan is available also at $3.95/mo for 5 checks (which makes per check only at $0.79/mo).

Give a no risk 14 days free trial at http://www.pingmy.site
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