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Outlook PST Recovery software

Started by toddgross0007, November 23, 2015, 04:05:47 PM

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Outlook PST Recovery software is the best Microsoft Outlook recovery tool in the world. It uses advanced technologies to scan the corrupt Outlook personal folders (.pst) files and recover your mail messages, folders, posts, calendars, appointments, meeting requests, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, task requests, journals, notes, etc.

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Outlook PST (Personal Storage Table) Recovery is the process of repairing and recovering data from a corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file. PST files are used by Microsoft Outlook to store emails, contacts, calendar items, and other data locally on your computer.

PST files can become corrupt due to various reasons, such as software conflicts, abrupt system shutdown, virus attacks, oversized PST files, or hardware issues. When a PST file becomes corrupt, you may experience issues like Outlook not opening, error messages, missing emails, or other data inconsistencies.

Here are some methods to perform Outlook PST recovery:

Use ScanPST Tool: Microsoft provides a built-in utility called "ScanPST" (also known as Inbox Repair Tool) to repair corrupt PST files. This tool scans the PST file for errors and attempts to fix them. The location of the ScanPST tool varies depending on the version of Outlook you are using. You can find it in the Outlook installation directory. Run the tool and follow the on-screen instructions to repair the PST file.

Use Third-Party PST Recovery Software: If the ScanPST tool fails to repair the PST file or cannot recover all the data, you can try using third-party PST recovery software. Many reputable software applications are available that can efficiently recover data from corrupted PST files. Some popular options include Stellar Repair for Outlook, SysTools Outlook Recovery, and Kernel for Outlook PST Repair.

Create a New PST File: If the PST file is severely damaged and cannot be repaired, you can create a new PST file in Outlook and then try to recover data from the old PST file using the "Import" feature in Outlook. Although this method may not recover all data, it can be useful for salvaging some essential items.

Restore from Backup: If you have a recent backup of your PST file, you can restore it to a previous state to recover the data. Regularly backing up your PST file is a good practice to prevent data loss in case of corruption.

Recreate Email Account: In some cases, the corruption may be related to the email account's settings. Removing and recreating the email account in Outlook may resolve the issue and recover your data.

It is essential to back up your PST file regularly to avoid potential data loss in case of corruption. Also, if you encounter any issues with your Outlook PST file, stop using Outlook immediately to prevent further damage. Instead, use one of the recovery methods mentioned above to attempt to retrieve your data.

Remember that data recovery from a corrupt PST file is not always guaranteed, and the success of recovery depends on the extent of the corruption and the actions taken after the corruption occurred.

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