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I need to host 10 blogs in Netherlands

Started by Cheston, February 02, 2016, 05:52:46 PM

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I have 10 blogs that i need to host preferable in NL because of the location of my visitors.
How is LibertyVPS.net VPS hosting services? any experience dealing with them?

will you point me a good host?
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I've been with LibertyVPS.net for about a month. So far, my experience with them have been quite positive.
The support people are fantastic and usually answer in under 10min any time of day. Features wise is excellent for my needs.
In Europe, it's different:
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VPS deals from hostsailor.com and winnervps.com are able to satisfy the demands of many webmasters.
They have stable servers which work with no outages and their uptime is high and their pricing policy is simple and flexible.
Support is helpful and fast around the clock.


You can trust LibertyVPS.net - it is the best offshore vps host available in Netherlands.
Regarding their network, it's been near perfect. I would recommend this host to anyone looking for cheap hosting with all of the features!


To my mind VPSGet.com is the only host that I would recommend to anyone. These guys have been the best hosts I have used to date. Very responsive support and amazing performance.


Highly recommend Zetservers.com web hosting service in NL. 15JAN – 15% recurring discount for life!
They are highly reliable, professional and, as other reviewers have already pointed out, they provide excellent and fast support.
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