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Get Split PST File software which can split large PST files to smaller PST files that are independent from each other. These small PST files contain the same files that are in the original PST file. And In case, you are using either Outlook 2002 or the earlier versions, if the storage capacity reached or exceeds 2 GB, it becomes the requirement to break PST file for better performance. And supports all versions of MS Outlook like 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2010 and compatible to Windows 2000, Xp, 2003, Vista, 8, 7.

To download visit:-

First,  do try manual technique:
Just right-click any folder in one PST and then select "Move folder" to move it to another  PST.  If you wish to do this by date, use the unique  Export feature of Outlook, and click the Filter button to select the date range.  Once you have added the items to the new PST, delete them from the old PST location, because they are copied, but it still works fine.
Or else you can use the third party splitter  Like PST Split software, Being a professional software, it provides unlimited features which not only split your large PST Files but do provide different option to split PST Files. 


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