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FFmpeg, Red5 and Wowza Streaming Server on Shared Hosting

Started by Santino, April 25, 2016, 03:49:39 PM

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Get back to the Future! Start own your video chat site or broadcast live! Red5 Hosting

Because we know how easy it is to consume bandwidth with video chat our plans start with more then enough to start your site.

    *  - Web space: 10 giga
    * - File Transfer: 1000 Giga !!!!!
    * - Cpanel/Fantastico
    * - FFmpeg yes
    * - Red5 yes

    $9.95 /month

    *  - Web space: 20 giga
    * - File Transfer: 2000 Giga !!!!!
    * - Cpanel/Fantastico
    * - FFmpeg yes
    * - Red5 yes

     $15.95 /month

If you need more bandwidth then take a look at our hybrid servers at
a fantastic 20000 Giga, yes 20T bandwidth per month at only $225 a month!

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