Leeds, UK - Webhosting UK, a web host in the UK since 2001, has unveiled its powerful website scanning tool, WHUK Site Scanner. The company claims the product will provide a whole solution for website protection, guarding against widespread and complex threats such as SQL injections, XSS vulnerabilities and a range of other online threats faced by users today.

The host assures users about WHUK Site Scanner that it can help to protect websites from a range of vulnerabilities that blight webmasters. Malicious attacks take place on a daily basis and can include Trojans, viruses, SQL injections and XSS vulnerabilities. Attacks against server-side software such as Joomla and WordPress are also common. WHUK Site Scanner is a whole solution that can offer protection against these and many more, says a representative from WHUK.

You may visit the following link to know more about the product : https://www.webhosting.uk.com/website-scanner.php