1Gbps unmetered Quad Core E3-1270v5 RAM 64GB RAM starts from $159.99 HOT SALE OFFER !
HyperBIG.com (aka BLZ) offers BIG dedicated servers for your complex web applications and services. HyPERBIG has just launched Budget dedicated server & budget VPS range with following configuration and features at really affordable prices,

1Gbps Unmetered - Quad Core E3-1270v5 Latest

CPU : Quad Core E3-1270v5
RAM : 64GB DDR3 ECC Memory
BANDWIDTH : 1Gbps Port - 300Mbps Guaranteed
RAID : Available RAID 1,RAID 2,RAID 5,RAID 6, RAID 10
IP : /30 1 Usable IP Address

Order Now $159.99

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