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Low Cost Shared Hosting Packages | 99.99% Uptime | 24/7 Support | Upto 200 IPs(Read 150 times)

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RankFirst Hosting provides managed & unmanaged SEO hosting solutions with data centers in Michigan and California. SEO Hosting is hosting your websites through a lot of IP ranges making use of a series of name servers and c class networks. By working on this you're making certain the actual profitability of your online business(s) via your marketing and hosting campaigns. We indeed comprehend the demands and targets of our clients and have a workforce which gives the help essential to always make sure you receive the hosting service essential. Our customers recognize and have an understanding of the importance of specially designed SEO hosting & a number of IP hosting packages that are developed around reliable SEO strategies.

Following are details of our current wide range of shared web hosting packages.

Package ONE - $15 per month
10 IP Addresses
10 GB Disk Space
80 GB Bandwidth
Order Package ONE Now

Package TWO - $30 per month
20 IP Addresses
20 GB Disk Space
120 GB Bandwidth
Order Package TWO Now

Package THREE - $45 per month
30 IP Addresses
30 GB Disk Space
160 GB Bandwidth
Order Package THREE Now

Package FOUR - $60 per month
40 IP Addresses
40 GB Disk Space
200 GB Bandwidth
Order Package FOUR Now

Package FIVE - $75 per month
50 IP Addresses
50 GB Disk Space
240 GB Bandwidth
Order Package FIVE Now

Package SIX - $90 per month
60 IP Addresses
60 GB Disk Space
280 GB Bandwidth
Order Package SIX Now

Package SEVEN - $99 per month
70 IP Addresses
70 GB Disk Space
320 GB Bandwidth
Order Package SEVEN Now

Package EIGHT - $100 per month
80 IP Addresses
80 GB Disk Space
360 GB Bandwidth
Order Package EIGHT Now

Package NINE - $112.50 per month
90 IP Addresses
90 GB Disk Space
400 GB Bandwidth
Order Package NINE Now

Package TEN - $125 per month
100 IP Addresses
100 GB Disk Space
440 GB Bandwidth
Order Package TEN Now

Package ELEVEN - $137.50 per month
110 IP Addresses
110 GB Disk Space
480 GB Bandwidth
Order Package ELEVEN Now

Package TWELVE - $150 per month
120 IP Addresses
120 GB Disk Space
520 GB Bandwidth
Order Package TWELVE Now

Package THIRTEEN - $162.50 per month
130 IP Addresses
130 GB Disk Space
560 GB Bandwidth
Order Package THIRTEEN Now

Package FOURTEEN - $175 per month
140 IP Addresses
140 GB Disk Space
600 GB Bandwidth
Order Package FOURTEEN Now

Package FIFTEEN - $187.50 per month
150 IP Addresses
150 GB Disk Space
640 GB Bandwidth
Order Package FIFTEEN Now

Package SIXTEEN - $160 per month
160 IP Addresses
160 GB Disk Space
680 GB Bandwidth
Order Package SIXTEEN Now

Package SEVENTEEN - $170 per month
170 IP Addresses
170 GB Disk Space
720 GB Bandwidth
Order Package SEVENTEEN Now

Package EIGHTEEN - $180 per month
180 IP Addresses
180 GB Disk Space
760 GB Bandwidth
Order Package EIGHTEEN Now

Package NINETEEN - $190 per month
190 IP Addresses
190 GB Disk Space
800 GB Bandwidth
Order Package NINETEEN Now

Package TWENTY - $200 per month
200 IP Addresses
200 GB Disk Space
840 GB Bandwidth
Order Package TWENTY Now

Below you will some of the features we provide with all our shared SEO hosting packages.

- PHP, Perl and Python
- MySQL Database
- cPanel and Softaculous
- PhpMyAdmin
- Ruby on Rails
- FTP & sFTP
- Cron jobs
- ReCommerce ready
- Shell access
- Error pages
- and much more ....

We accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for payments.

For any queries and questions, please email us at support[at]rankfirsthosting.com
RankFirstHosting.Com | SEO Hosting with Multiple IPs



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