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Affordable dedicated server hosting?

Started by Rispotech, December 14, 2017, 06:28:41 PM


I'd like to choose the best dedicated host:
RAM: 24 GB, HDD: 800 GB, CPU: 4 Core
I have already found QHoster.com web host
Do you know anything about the quality of their services? What host is better?


Use dedicated servers from hostsailor.com and kvchosting.net, their dedicated servers will give you a platform to run your mission critical applications and give you extreme performance and availability.


Promo code : happy2018 - 18% lifetime discount.
I chose QHoster.com after months of research and comparative study, and it's one of the most winning choices i have ever made.
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Give QHoster.com a try. My site is always up. I've never had any down time. Never had any problem with them.
I have never had a single problem with them and highly recommend then to both beginners and experts alike.
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It's better to use dedicated servers from Medha Hosting which provides cheap dedicated servershttps://medhahosting.com/servers/dedicated-servers/, and they give support

chalukya k


I have been with QHoster.com for over a year now and they have been nothing but great.  8)
I have no downtime and speed connectivity is ok, my pages load very fast. Everyone should try them out!
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In the market, there are many companies which provide Dedicated Server Hosting with a high quality of the resource, high bandwidth and total security with 24*7 technical support without any issue. But there is japancloudservers.com (Japan Dedicated Server)is also provided Dedicated Server at the very affordable price.


Use dedicated servers from time-tested companies, I mean hostwinds.com and legionbox.com.
Pricing is fair for the service and support respond is fast. You can call 24 7 days a week and someone will there to help you


Use dedicated server from hostsailor.com, their dedicated servers will give you a platform to run your mission-critical applications and give you extreme performance and availability.


Hope you are doing great. Choosing an appropriate dedicated server provider is one of the difficult tasks. Purchasing a dedicated server is not all about paying the amount and getting your server, instead, you should also check some of the important things such as uptime, security, kind of support.
I had a look at your requirement and concluded that Layerservers' cheap offshore dedicated server plans may meet your requirement. Their uptime is 99.99%, with 24/7/365 fast and expert tech support.
Their plan includes;
Processor: Xeon® E3-1230v2
CPU: 2,53GHz
OFFER price: $117/mo(promo code firstmonth)



Onlive Server will be the best choice for Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting. It gives a wide range of hosting plans with higher configuration and great support. only Here you can get Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting plans which are fit on your budget.