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Hosting - e-commerce jewelry

Started by Lisa99, April 19, 2018, 07:27:59 PM

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Hello everyone,

I have a jewelry website but for now, it's more like a portfolio and official website of the company. Soon (I hope in 2 months max) we will change it to an e-commerce website and we wish to change the hosting for it. Today the hosting is from one of the company in Australia (we are based in Australia) but it's giving me many problems like slow website loading, navigation speed, and frankly quite expensive hosting plan. I am afraid when we finally start to run e-commerce store it might get worse. The site will be built on Joomla.
Do you have any tips or know a  good plan for hosting for my website which can solve the issues mentioned earlier? The site is http://www.stonesdiamonds.com

many thanks


Hi, Lisa! I also have a Joomla-built website and currently I'm using the so-called ''Popular'' plan, presented on the following page: https://www.bgocloud.com/joomla-hosting . I have a big discount on it, as I've subscribed for one year. Everything works just fine and now my website loads a lot faster than before. The plan includes CDN and SSD storage, as well as many additional features like SSL certificates, backups and other. Take a look at the plans and see which one will be the most suitable for your website. Good luck with choosing a reliable host and with growing your business :)

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