1. Only a short while ago eyes of thousands of subscription-based business owners all over the world turned wide open to the untapped potential of raw data as MetricsCube made its official arrival.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to capture even a tiny fraction of the data stored inside your organization, and then mine it for some relevant insight? Now you can! MetricsCube is a platform capable of generating as many as 40 ultra-accurate reports, seamlessly synchronizing with WHMCS, and most of all – so effortless in use that data analysis will become your second nature.

Words are only words though and first-hand experience is all that matters in the realm of modern technologies, so why won't you give MetricsCube a free try-out and make your own judgment?

2. WordPress Manager For WHMCS is one of those modules which require no extra introductions. What does need to be mentioned, however, is that this super-smart tool has been further bolstered up through the implementation of several novel elements.

Among the most engaging ones you will discover the capability to blacklist plugins that you do not wish to be available to your clients for installation. Moreover, your audience will no doubt be surprised to notice they are now allowed to browse and install the desired WordPress themes directly from the place where they feel most comfortable in – your client area.

For the full picture of this welcome 1.2.0 update, as usual, head over promptly to the module's changelog! 

Learn all about WordPress Manager For WHMCS 1.2.0!

3. Do you know what the secret ingredient to retaining customer satisfaction at an ultimate stable level is? Let us have a look at the newly enhanced Plesk Key Administrator For WHMCS 1.2.0 module which is doing it right – amazing the client with ever greater purchase possibilities.

Thanks to the spotlight ″Product Addon″ component, the instrument will now empower your audience to either order addons to products as standalone licenses, or extend the currently owned licenses with additional features.

Start enjoying the ease with which more and more followers are rushing to your doorstep!

Learn all about Plesk Key Administrator For WHMCS 1.2.0!

4. Are you a true-born software collector who never turns down a unique offer? Stack up as many products from ModulesGarden Marketplace in your cart as you wish and apply the enormous 33% promotional code to the order (if opting for the annual license) or a bulky 11% discount (if going for the flexibility of open source products).

Oh, and what will you say to the fact that both deals can be perfectly matched with all of our remaining offers?

Pick your winners and multiply the savings!

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