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I guess you need to look at their portfolio and watch the reviews. This way you could make an opinion about it. I would recommend you to learn more closely about the application delivery network platform from here  This would help you to choose the better software developers next time.

I need an app for my business to stay afloat. So we seem to be on the same search

The choice depends mostly on your needs and goals. Do you want to find a company to work with for permanent cooperation? Or do you need to hire someone to create a site/app for you? If the last one, here you have two options: to address a professional or to do this work by yourself. When decided to transform my Shopify store into a mobile app, I was lucky to discover Pocketfied This app builder turned out to be a great solution for me. It is no-code, works offline without reference to the site, automatically updates product information and adds new products when they are posted on the site, is updated automatically. Thus, I saved money and created a beautiful application in a few hours which allows me to work even on the go.


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