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Disable automatic updates on Windows 2016 server

Started by Chris, October 30, 2018, 10:53:01 AM

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I just got a new server with Windows 2016 Server operating system. I have noticed that it is installing updates automatically but this server will be used for production environment, we do the maintenance manually to install updates and I would like to disable automatic updates on Windows 2016 server.

I have checked the settings but unable to locate the option to disable the update. Is there any other way we can disable this so that we can install updates manually whenever we need them?



You will not get an option in GUI but you can manage it using sconfig command via command line. You can refer our following KB that will help you disabling automatic updates on Windows 2016 server:

Enable/Disable Windows Automatic Updates in Windows Server 2016

- Kailash


Does disabling updates hurt the server in the long run? Is it recommended to disable automatic updates?


Disable Automatic Updates on Server 2016
Open an elevated command prompt window or PowerShell session.
Type config and press enter.
Select option 5.
Now select "A" for automatically download and install updates, "D" for download only or "M" for Manual updates.

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