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Which domain is best in IT industry?

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Which domain is best in IT industry? Any other recommendation than .com domain

.com is fit for it industray

yes, .com is very best domain

For IT enterprises a .COM domain is good. But to be honest, its not like other domains are not good. As fas as I see, every domain is the same its just that how they are marketed.

.COM was marketed as a website that is commercial in nature. It is supposed to make money/monetize etc. But this doesn't mean a .TECH domain is not good especially for IT companies which are tech enterprises.

.COM has more global appeal. Its like if its a website, it has to be a .COM. So, if you look at domain providers like BigRock, they will provide all kinds of domains but not necessarily they push the 'best one' because essentially every business need is different.

-hope this helps :)

I suggest you that .io and .net is also one of the best TLDs, and many IT companies using these TLDs


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