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[FEATURED] Massive cPanel price hike


Notification from cPanel:


Today we are excited to announce that we're shifting to an account based pricing and licensing structure and to share what that means for your relationship with cPanel. We aim to simplify the process of adding new servers, make it easier to become a cPanel customer, and provide value to a broader group of users.
Introducing Account Based Pricing

The hosting industry has changed a lot in the last 20 years, and has long out-grown the licensing and pricing structure that we have used at cPanel. Effective immediately, cPanel's license structure and the way we price our products is changing. Our pricing and licensing structure will now be standardized for all of our customers and include multiple Tiers. This new structure defines the price of each license based on the number of Accounts hosted on the server, reflecting the value received by the owner; now, customers pay for only what they use. On September 1st, 2019, we will introduce Auto-Scaling Packages, Fixed Packages, and transition all existing monthly licenses to the new account based pricing and licensing structure.
There will be no unlimited domains license now and pricing will be affected to all providers who are offering unlimited domains hosting. Now, you will have to pay $$$ instead of few bucks for cPanel license and most of the providers are now already started looking for the alternative.

New pricing are mentioned on their website:


- Kailash

For those who are looking for cPanel to DirectAdmin, there is possible migration path available. You can either migrate the accounts one-by-one or you can migrate all accounts from cPanel to DirectAdmin server. Steps are different for both migration. You can refer the following migration guide:

[1] Migrate ALL cPanel accounts to DirectAdmin
[2] Migrate one cPanel account to DirectAdmin

If there is any issue in migration, you can get direct help from DirectAdmin official forum.

- Kailash

Was a shocking announcement.   But we will move to DA to keep our prices :)

Anyone else moving to DirecfAdmin? Or will you increase your prices?

It is time to move on, as cpanel since to increase yearly on pricing.


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