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Hosting.uk , Jumpline .com , Rockhoster.com - What host is better?

Started by Hromstek, July 29, 2019, 01:56:57 PM

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I'd like to choose the best web host: Linux, RAM: 2 GB, HDD: 45 GB, cPanel
Got to know about Hosting.uk , Jumpline.com and Rockhoster.com web hosts - their hosting deals look affordable.
Do you know anything about the quality of their services? What host is better?
Any discounts?
In Europe, it's different:
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I'm getting more clients needing more capable hosting and have already brought several of them to Rockhoster.com web host.
They offer fast hosting, that always online. They don't offer as much as some other unrealistic hosts - but what they offer they deliver.


My experience running my website at Rockhoster.com OpenVZ VPS account is great! I really love their easy to use control panel. Everything is great! The support-guys are very cool and fast!
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